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The flash on my camera is not kind to ponies >< I am still working out this whole photography thing.

That said:

Billypony started out as a G3 Twilight Twinkle in Valenshy Pose, complete with gem embedded in the butt. This is the main reason I've done the cutie mark the way I have, which further photos will highlight.

Base coat is burnt sienna, with grey stippling to (hopefully) mimic the colouring of a grey-tipped brown wolf. The brown is actually a bit darker than this photo shows; the flash really ups the highlights.

His cutie mark is a Celtic knotwork wolf, done in black and silver on paper and then glued on to hide the roughness in his side from cutting out the stupid embedded gem.

Billypony is totally better than you.

And is such a little priss. Check out that pose. I was going to cut his mane shorter but it felt wrong. Billy's hair cannot be tamed.

The mane and tale are done in Devil's Food from, with streaks of raincloud. He's also got that grey down his chest and belly, but it was difficult to take a photo of his belly.

And Luka!

By contrast, Luka is very simple and elegant and covered in blue electronic lines. He started out as a basic Core I/Art Pony Pose, although he was very beat-up and had almost no hair.

His cutie mark is the Iron Man arc reactor symbol, painted in cobalt blue and gone over with iridescent medium so it ~sparkles~. And took me way too long to figure out how to do. Luka apparently loves being difficult.

Luka is also Better Than You.

More detailing. Those lines were a pain in the arse to do, but I'm happy with the way they turned out. They also gave me a guide to which way to glue his head on >_>

Body done in white; all the blues are the same cobalt blue. His hair is Bobby Blue, again from, who I have found to be very good with regards to pricing and shipping time.

And here is the two of them together, with a more accurate showing of Billy's coat colour.

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