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Can I just say, this was a pain in the arse for completely stupid reasons. I couldn't find my favourite varnish (Jo Sonja's Satin Gloss) because IT HAD FALLEN IN MY BACKPACK, so I bought a new one and it was SHIT. It stayed tacky a week after application. So it got scrubbed off and the recently-rediscovered Jo Sonja stuff went on and argh.

The neck seam is also not as neat as I'd like because this bait was practically filled with glue and I nearly cut myself getting the head off. BUT all that aside:

Hakeempony started life as a Kimono pose bait. After a white basecoat, he was painted in a medium brown with Reeves Sand drybrushed over to give a sort of dirty-sand effect.

The eye is a hand-blended orange, because the oranges I had didn't look right and I am a picky bitch sometimes.

Closeup of the cutie mark! Flame-tipped tornado :D

Closeup of the hair. Because I am INSANE, Hakeempony has four different colours in his hair; three shades of orange (Tigerlily, Marmalade, and Pumpkin Spice) and one grey (Nickel), all from Three of the four were fantastic to work with; Tigerlily was a pain in the arse because it clung to itself. Most of the time, the hanks separate into smaller locks that are easily lifted out from the rest of the hank; not this time. I think it was just this particular hank, though, because I've used Tigerlily before and it was fine.

Closeup of the tail. There is some Nickel in there, but not as much as in the mane. My aim, with the mane and tail, was to mimic the colouration of flames, and I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out.

And one last glamour shot. Hakeempony doesn't get the mane-and-tail trim I usually give my ponies; something about him feels better with the uneven lengths, although I did trim the longer locks that just looked messy. The unpolished look works for him, I think.


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