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This just in: I hate my camera. One of these ponies is a lovely shade of purple that just isn't coming out right in the photos. I had the same problem with Yassirpony too.


First up, aforementioned purple pony, who is a gift for Danika.

She started life as a G4 Twilight Sparkle Alicorn mold, because as much as I hate working with G4 ponies the alicorn molds are gorgeous. She's painted in deep violet, with black on her hooves and wings, and grey eyes and wing highlights, and hair done in Black Magick.

The "non-display" side (although her head is fully turnable, now that I know how to decapitate G4 molds), showing off some detailing on her front leg.

Slightly blurry photo of her "display" side, showing off her cutie mark, which is less a discrete mark and more a pattern trailing down her hind leg to her hoof.

Detail of the wing. The black is coated with a new medium I've got called opal medium from and I am in love with it.

Front view, with leg detail. The hooves are also coated in the opal medium, and those flowers wrap right around the front leg.

And one more glamour shot. She's really more purple than these shots are showing, closer to this colour.

Moving on: green pony, for Tony.

Like Purple Pony, Green Pony is a G4 Twilight Sparkle Alicorn mold, done in a forest green with blue hooves and wing detailing and hair in After Midnight and Sunlight.

Closeup of her head and hair. The horn is done in pthlalo blue with the opal medium over the top to add sparkle.

Closeup of the other side of her head. I decided on putting the gold streaks in to pick up the gold of her decals.

Closeup of aforementioned gold decals. She has a very spring design.

Those decals extend to the backs of her wings and on her back. They were a pain in the arse but totally worth it.

One last glamour shot. I love the way her hair reflects light.

And just for fun, a shot of the two of them together before they get packaged up and sent out tomorrow.


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