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This is one I've wanted to do for a long time.

Mabpony started life as a pink Celestia. Toy shops, for some reason, told Hasbro that they wouldn't be able to sell a princess pony if said pony wasn't pink, so Hasbro complied and sent them pink Celestia ponies. This turned out to not be true, and White Celestia is starting to be sold. Also, poor Pinklestia had Mylar in her hair and Mylar is the devil. Repainting it is.

For Mab, it started out pretty basic. Two coats of black for her coat and main wings (Mars Black in Reeves, if anyone is interested) and white for her detailing. On top of the black and the horn went a coat of iridescent medium, which I am in love with and lent her an almost starfield quality.

Closeup of her cutie mark, such as it is. Mab is the Winter Queen of the Fae in the Dresden Files, and that's the inspiration I was using for this particular pony, so she gets a trail of snowflakes down her leg.

Closeup of the hoof detail. I am in love with those nail decals. They make lovely little extras on ponies.

Closeup of the back of her head and her wings. You can see a bit of the braiding I did to hold her hair neatly. She's done in Blizzard from my usual pony hair supplier, which is a lovely, bright, clean white.

More closeup of the hair and the braid. Pony hair is a bit of a bitch to braid, but worth it in the end.

The "non-display" side. This is usually the side that lacks the cutie mark, since most ponies come with moveable heads.

And one more full-body shot.

Next project: Tamora Pierce ponies! Also ponies for my IRL changeling game.


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