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Rubypony is a custom for my boyfriend, based on his character in my Victorian Era Changeling game. Ruby White is a Winter Treasured Fairest who has Victorian Novel Disease; that is, she is very pale, pretty, faints a lot, and has a delicate cough, but no ugly symptoms. This is a thing that changelings do, because they are basically made of tropes. Ruby also welcomes the company of certain high-class gentlemen who give her gifts in return.

Rubypony started life as a G3 Rarity Pose. Unicorns in G3 were extremely rare and Rarity has glitter on her nose and cutie mark that required sanding to get rid of, and also had disgustingly Mylared hair, so really, customising her was a bit of mercy. Mylar in hair tends to get ratty really quickly. She got some coats of white for the base, with custom-blended blue eyes, and her cutie mark is a green medicine bottle and a silver spoon.

Being a Victorian lady of marriageable age but unmarried status, hairstyle was important. This is not quite period-accurate because pony hair is a pain in the arse sometimes, but I think it evokes the half-up braided style you often saw for young ladies. Her hair is done in Cherry Pie from, which once again I cannot recommend enough.

The braids loop around the ears and under the knot of hair to hold it in place, with the help of a couple of silver pins. Ruby is not a famously wealthy lady, so she doesn't have excessive jewels on her hairpins. The ends of the braids tuck under the knot and the free fall of hair, hidden neatly from view.

Another view of the hairstyle. This required boil-setting the braids to make them easier to work with, and very loose boil permed curls that eased into wavier hair than you usually get straight from the hank.

The loose fall of hair behind her shoulder, and her come-hither eyes. Ruby is one of the more socially adept of the characters and is not above some judicious flirting if that will get her the information or access she needs.

And one last body shot. I might make her a shawl as well, since poor Ruby gets cold very easily (and is, well, Winter Court) but for now, she's sitting on the boyfriend's printer making flirty eyes at his computer monitor.

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