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Pisces pony is a pony for a Tumblr friend who was going through a rough patch and I figured could use some cheering up. She suggested an ocean motif, which I hope I've conveyed decently.

Pisces started out as a white Diva Pose pony, potentially Port-o-Bella. I scrubbed off the cutie mark and did a white basecoat, followed by a coat of dark green. Which went on streaky, so I gave it another coat. ...which continued to be streaky. This is a pattern for this particular paint, I suspect. I got fed up with the streaky after the third coat and decided to try drybrushing on some dark blue, which I think has given it an interesting, deep-sea sort of mottling effect. The Pisces cutie mark was done in silver and outlined in dark blue, and then I added a bit of bling because I like bedazzling my customs, apparently.

The hair is a mix of three different shades of blue (Bobby Blue, Blueberry Muffin, and Daiquiri Ice, all from, done in a gradient effect. Pisces doesn't get the hair trim that I often give custom ponies, because she's a wild sea pony whose hair cannot be tamed. That, and I think the long, flowing look works.

Closeup of the eye and some of the bling. The eye is hand-blended blue with a touch of silver, and the decals go down the right cheek and across the chest to wrap around the left front leg, adding a touch of detailing.

Closeup of the cutie mark, which is a hand-painted Pisces symbol decorated with a couple of blue and a silver decal and outlined in dark blue.

And one last body shot, with her epically flowing mane and tail. As soon as she gets approval from the recipient, she's getting packaged up and sent out.


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